Kaylee has her Kindergarten Graduation on Tuesday. 

She LOVES LOVES everything to do with school...her friends, teacher, show n tell, popcorn fridays, computer lab, P.E., getting to school early to play and swing.

Now on to First Grade.  I hear it's a lot more challenging for the kids in the beginning...due to amount of work.  She'll still love it.

sorry about all the headshots lately...I've been practicing on my new equipment and lenses.

these were f1.4!


kelly anderson said...

i wub her..
oh, and send me a soc shot. i want to compare it to your post production.

Dick said...

Kaylee is as cute as ever. She will be happy and enthusiastic about life just like her mommy!

Enjoy the new camera. Never can see enough Williams pictures. Helps to feel close to the kiddos and your sweet family with you so far away.

Cassandra Romney said...

Love the head shots. She is adorable!

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