we're making music....in our school....

since Maricopa School District took their spring break a week earlier than all the other school districts around the area, we were unable to help break an all time record of participating in 'the LARGEST concert in the United States' by having all elementary age children sing the same songs at the same time during school.  We miss out greatly, and will not be able to say, I was part of that!  

Instead, they just held their own 'record breaking' music concert that Maricopa has ever...or WILL EVER have. :)  this will go down in the greatest of greats in maricopa history.

here is kaylee in her cheesy happy grin

this music stuff is for whimps.  cade goes off on his own...wanting to play basketball with his football.  
work it Buddy.  work.  it.


I asked Kaylee one day..."Who is the cutest boy in your class?"

she replied...."Thomas."

I'd have to agree on that one!  (those barker boys are as sweet as they are cute!)

Thomas looking for his momma....she's just hiding. (;

Christian...Kaylee's other great friend...he's in the blue shirt on the top left corner of the photo.  He's a cute kid...with amazing eyes.  (remember this post ?  this is when I found out that my kids brown eyes weren't all that fun to take photos of...I wanna have some color!)

Jacob.  Kaylee's first kiss...no, actually Jacob's first kiss.  Apparently Kaylee grabbed him on both sides of his face, and pulled his face to hers and planted one on him.  Her teacher reminded her....Kaylee, let's not kiss our friends.  sheesh!

It's all my fault though...I grab my kids faces and kiss them...she's just 'monkey does' what her 'momma monkey does'

you know what though...my first kiss was in Kindergarten.  I didn't want to wash my cheek...ever.

I better let Kaylee know that kissing is for only family...not just anyone you want to come and give a smack.

I might have a serial kisser on my hands!

boys, ye be warned!

my friend Jenna...has cute sweet chids.  Rafe, in the orange is another friend of Kaylee's, but unfortunately, he's the only one from the ward that isn't in Kaylee's class.  Poor kid.  Doesn't know what he's missing....a lot of kisses from aforementioned offender.

just stay where you are Rafe...no need to get set in Kaylee's sites.

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Robyn said...

I won't tell Thomas or it might go to his head. All the kids are so darling! Good thing I'm not Christian's mom--one look into those eyes and he'd get whatever he wanted.

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