pudding party

Sheena got this grand idea from a favorite show she likes to watch. Let's get a ton of pudding and let the kids paint all over themselves with it! hmmm...I wasn't totally sold on it until the games began!

diva kaylee

Christian was the first one to really try out this new idea.

Conner wasn't too far behind him.

is good?

Gregory and Conner

no spoon? no problem!

Conner has pudding fangs!

pudding van gough

friends: Logan and Christian

L to the ogan!

Kaylee gets a hand print from Sheena

apparently there were a few 'un fun' moments

cade got into it...after a while. he wasn't too keen on the pudding on his leg and wanted it washed off. he soon figured out I wasn't about to acquiesce to his request and enjoyed the mess with the rest!

blue eyed baby

Christian the ham

clean up, clean up (that floor was SLIPPERY!)

messy logan

a favorite shot of christian...he was the pudding monster!


Sara said...

I saw this on Jon & Kate + 8...too fun! What's the verdict...would you do it again? Love the last shot!

Robyn said...

I wish you were my mom. Those photos are amazing Shannon! You should enter that one of Christian in a contest.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! Can we have another pudding party when we come back???? Seriously will you take our family photos when we come in November? LOve ya girls!

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