guess who's a big bad sunbeam?

Cade is finally and officially and sunbeam.  After waiting and waiting!  He was so proud of his sunbeam 'crown' that he wanted to wear it to church.  I let him wear it in, but soon it was off his head...phew.

he was so proud to be in primary!

it was so cute to watch Kaylee and Cade walk to primary together.  They were both putting their arms around each other, walking to primary.  Cade thought he was going to sit with Kaylee's class at first, and didn't want to sit anywhere else, but I finally got him to the right class.  I went and checked on him 1/2 way through, and he was sitting in his chair just enjoying sharing time.

oh the life of a sunbeam.

such fun for a sunbeam.


kelly anderson said...


Ben & Caren Moon said...

That's so cute Shannon! He is getting big.:) Bryanna had her first week of sunbeams too. She also just loved it. Did you have a good Christmas and New Years?

AZSMITHS said...

Lauren is a sunbeam too but we were out of town last Sunday. We'll see how it goes this week! I can't believe that they are so big though! I was Cade's nursery teacher when he first came in!

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