all the single ladies....

Kaylee has been singing the song by Beyonce....

"All the single ladies!  all the single ladies.  All the single ladies!  all the single ladies.  Put your hands up... put your hands down!"   (adding her own interpretation alongside as well)

She's definately our little performer.

 It's funny to hear her in the other room singing the song.  She'll even dance some of the moves.
(cade has even gotten in on the action too)

I've asked her where she's learned the song and she said her friend did.  We have some cute neighbors she plays with that I thought was who she was talking about.  Turns out I was almost right.  It wasn't the older girl, but actually her little sister, about Kaylee's age!  Amazing what kids can teach each other!

Whatever is playing, be it primary songs, or 'single ladies' you can hear Kaylee singing and dancing along.

if you liked it then you should've put a ring on it.....

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