reap whatcha sow; rip whatcha sew

whichever ya wanna call it

This year we were pretty excited to garden. We have a farmer in our Stake that has given some land to the members so we could plant our own garden, work hard to maintain it, and harvest the bountiness which follows.

I went to a couple different stores and picked out some fun things to grow. We were a couple weeks late getting things planted since the staph infection kinda got in the way.

After a month of waiting for growth...we drove up to this heaven!

lets see, where are the tomatoes? hmmmm....are these the beans? The corn should be in the back, since it'll grow the tallest. We should anyway, group things in order of height...right? Oh, I think these are....no.....they're supposed to be arugula. hmm

hu? These are weed? All of them?


most of them.

I kneel down and sit on a nice bumpy mound of dirt and slowly start picking at the weeks. David bends down and RIP...there goes a great big fitful of weeds. This'll be done in no time!

20 minutes

30 minutes

50 miuutes

crunchy weedy roots...um um ummy

my sewing project lately....sewing new hooded towels for the kiddos

Cade, Kaylee and Conner


Brooke said...

so funny.
I have to admit I wondered what plant that was that was growing so healthily. Not that we don't have weeds, but I just hadn't seen that vegetable before.

Sandy said...

I so want to learn how to make those hooded towels.

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