april 30

Dry again! Conner has "ear boogers" ... I am anxious to hear what the doctor says tomorrow at his follow-up appointment/9 month check up.
We keep finding Conner in "odd places." He is a funny dude.
I worked on finishing the last 2 musical posters for our High School (Julia wasn't in them ... and I didn't take the photos so that was a challenge. If only I had taken them...). I wanted to finish them so that the Seniors who are graduating in a couple of weeks could see them. These kids work too hard to not be recognized with some sort of visual memory/poster of it hanging in the halls of their alma mater.
We had "Easy Alfredo" tonight with peas. I told Cade they were green balls. He finished every last one of them! I gave him about 1/2 cup of them too! He is so funny. Hmmm... zucchini is a "foot ball". What else can we rename?
Kaylee and Kendall have been cute buddies. I have to remind them to include Cade. Who wouldn't want to play with your own personal bouncer/hit man? He's so darn cute!
Busy evening. John called from work saying he was stuck there for a while longer. That meant I had to do the swim team run and make sure someone was around to let the voice students in. Our voice teacher moved and she comes to our home every week to teach the 4 girls in our area. One girl just quit so I am going to put Jenna in her spot. She has such a beautiful voice. It was interesting to talk to our voice teacher and hear her thoughts on the music groups she heard at the most recent concert. Julia is going to start Enchords in the next week and have them practice. This is going to be an A Cappela girl group.Tubbies. Straight to bed. Crazy evening. Tired kids.

I forgot to add ... Kaylee came walking into my room in the morning like she was a peg-leg pirate. "My leg is broken." It ended up being a VERY sore muscle. A muscle she hasn't used frequently due to our weird weather. She rode the scooter out front yesterday (April 28) with Kerst for quite some time. It was the leg she would push off with and scoot around. I rubbed it and helped her stretch it out for a bit. She was much better by mid-afternoon. It was a bit chilly, but the kids enjoyed the backyard.

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