march 28

Kaylee was sad ... she wasn't dry. She wanted to know if she could go to church today. One more day and it will be Sunday! She always says she is so sorry and that she can do it tonight.
Back to potty training basic training! Cade is doing amazing! He had one accident with bubbles in the morning. I put a diaper on for nap time and his underwear on over and pinned his shirt to lock him in. He woke up wet ... it will come with time. I have been pumping him full of fluids. He is a much better drinker than Kendall. Cade comes running to me every 30 minutes needing to go potty! Way to go Buddy!
Kendall woke up dry from his nap. He is still refusing to go potty. I ran out to pick up Kaylee's extra pair of glasses. She looks so cute in them! They stay on so much better as well.
While shopping I picked up some snow cone flavoring. We have plenty of snow!
Kendall and Cade LOVED eating snowmen.
They had at least 4 cups of snowmen.
And boy did they ever go potty!

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