march 27

Kids up at 6:03. Kaylee states her normal happy, "I am dry!" salutation. Sadly I usually have to pop her bubble ... but not today! Kaylee spent the entire day with her princess collection!!! It was a happy day for all of us! It was fun to eaves drop. She knows her princess movies! She now has one prince (from Cinderella). He is enjoying dating each princess. Kaylee even found a couple of more figurines for the princesses to date (although Captain Hook is not highly desired to be friends with).
Kendall and Cade continued with their potty training. I swear I spent most of the day in the bathroom ... but it is worth every minute! Cade comes running to me every 30 minutes or so "I go potty!" We head to the bathroom where he produces a trickle. At least he is the one telling me he needs to go potty rather than me constantly asking him. That is a major step! Cade appeared mid-morning telling me he did poopies in the potty. Sure enough! Another break through!Kendall and Cade went down for their naps in a diaper. They woke up dry! Kendall didn't go to the potty until 8:00 p.m.; he held it for 8 hours. I kept pumping "peeing juice" (aka lemonade) down him. We tried several times to have him go potty but he refused.
I was daring and put the boys in the van to pick the older kids up from swimming at a local recreation center. Cade had just recently gone to the potty so I wasn't worried. I was concerned about Kendall. I put a diaper under him for emergency. We made it!
I think Conner is going to be an Electrical Engineer like his Uncle John; he loves cords. I took the lamp and the phone charger off of the end table in the Family Room. He has also enjoyed Baby Einstein movies ... I will have it playing in the room where he is doing his laps. He has been pretty patient while I am tending to the high maintenance potty trainers!

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