march 26

Blizzard Warning in effect. There was a light dusting of snow on the ground when we woke up. Kaylee got up a bit too early considering she went down a little later last night. She was up at 5:55. I have a feeling this afternoon will be a bit rough for her (and all of the rest of the kids; they are at school when she gets to her whiney stage in the aftenoon and then pops out of it).

French Toast this morning. I have to admit, I am not a fan of pancakes. I usually opt for oatmeal. French Toast sounded good this morning.

Conner had a MUCH better night! I think the nebulizer and the humidifier are making a difference. His cough doesn't seem so dramatic. I thought a moment yesterday of possibly taking him in for his cough, but his breathing was fine. I opted to watch him closely - glad I did. It just has to run its course and keep a close eye on that babe. Rest was another key to his recovery.

Kaylee was wet. So sad. Her princess friends are still waiting patiently. I can't say the same for her ;o)

Kendall and Cade are in undies again!!! They both had bubbles accidents this morning. After lunch Cade disappeared and then came running in to me yelling Poopies, Candy! He did it! All on his own!!! He realized he had to go, took off his undies and climbed on the potty and did his business. I grabbed the camera and the phone. In the middle of telling his mom about what he did, he realized he had more so he hopped back up on the toilet and finished his business! I think we have a break through! After he was done, he reminded me that he also got to play with his my-ca-doo's (motorcycles).

I was going to take the older kids swimming, but the weather has been getting worse. We opted to stay home (against their desires) - John is leaving work early.

Kaylee was super grumpy this afternoon. I put her in the tubby after dinner and then tucked her in bed at 6:15. She was sleep by 6:45. Clearly she needed to go to bed!While she was down early it was fun to be with the boys. Cade would say, "Go potty!", grab his undies and run to bathroom. Kendall would follow. They had a couple of accidents today. Tomorrow will be better. I'm proud of their progress ... especially for boys.

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Keith and Janelle said...

All I have to say is that I love reading your blog when I get a chance and any updates. Thanks for posting!

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