march 12

Early start as usual. Pancakes ready for the hungry little guys.
Conner has been drinking formula at night like he thinks it is going out of style. He has plenty of bottles during the day too! He had 8 ounces at 4:00 this morning and slept in until 8:00...

Busy quick morning. It usually takes me awhile to get things back in order with 3 morning routines (Julia off - John does that one, Jenna and Jaley off and then Kerst).

Today I had to be ready and out the door by 9:40 to pick Mom and Dad up at the airport. I didn't leave until about 9:50. The plane landed early and they waited for me. It took me a little longer because I had to rearrange the car seats. Kendall and Cade aren't ready to sit in the back without Kerst in between them. That pushed my schedule behind a bit.

Mom and Dad were patient. (David, you will need to go down a level from luggage pick up to the passenger pickup area when we come and get you next Friday night. It is on the 400 floor . . . we have not told the kids anything and don't plan to.)


Cade in bed. He did his cute stall tactic ... asking tons of questions. I've got to hear this for myself. I heard him on the phone with Corin asking 'why?' in response to a command she gave him. ok. my kids haven't been taught that before! This is gonna be fun. He knows not to throw his water because I won't give it back to him.

"My Conner" is SCOOTING SCOOTING SCOOTING! I need to set up the camera and do the photo shoot. I'm having my sister take a series of shots on a tripod and I'll photoshop it and come up with a great effect....you'll just have to wait! Trust me....you'll love it! Everytime I think to do it, he is tired. He loves to "bow" and knock heads with you (not mean, just kind of a head kiss type movement).

His eyes get really bright and his legs and hands start kicking and swinging when he sees a bottle being prepared (and if he is hungry). He is so DARN cute! I'll have to agree with ya. His bum is much better. I picked up more ointment for him today.

Kaylee is excited for Sunday. She can't wait to play with the princesses during church (Sacrament...I hope she isn't planning to have them during Primary. I am figuring out how that clever girl thinks).

It has been SO nice to have 2 sets of extra hands. (my parents are in town for my nephew Kerst's baptism) Cade adores Grandpa. He loves to play ball and cars with him. It is nice to have Grandpa's booming voice (not a yell, just a deep "Cade") to tell him to behave (Kaylee and Kendall respond quickly too...maybe they are immune to my booming voice now ;o) ).

They had fun playing outside in their sweater and jacket...with Gma and Gpa all bundled up in their winter coats and gloves.

Cade ate the sweet and sour chicken..and finished the rice so he could eat more fruit salad (no apples in it this time). Kaylee wasn't all that interested - she had the fruit salad but couldn't get seconds until she ate a decent portion of the main meal. They know that what we have on the table is for dinner. If they are hungry, they will eat it.

Aida again tonight. Didn't get home until 10:30 from the show. Sis. Rosalee Francis went with Mom and Dad (I video taped it). They had a nice visit. Shannon will need to see her when she comes out. She speaks so lovingly and fondly of Shannon and Kelly. (Sister Francis was in the ward that Kelly and I grew up in. She was our sunday school teacher when we were probably 16. Her husband died of Lou Gherigs Disease. He was a kind man. I remember the last time he bore his testimony. He was in a wheel chair and had great difficulty attempting any movement. She taught me so much in being a member of the church and was a great example of friendship. All the youth loved her...and she loved the youth. You could tell.) I feel she's just an extension of my family. She's wonderful.

No school tomorrow! My kids won't be up until at least 3 hours after Kaylee and Cade!!! Too bad. I'll sleep in for you Corin!

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