march 11

I was smart yesterday with my "deal" with Kaylee about being dry at night and being able to play with her Sunday Princesses for a day. I even told her I was going to get her up before I went to bed to take her to the bathroom. I told her last time she fussed and wouldn't cooperate. I asked her to help me help her so she could be dry. She did go bubbles when I got her up before I went to bed. She was dry at that time too!This morning she came down to show me her diaper. It was a little wet again - much better than the previous diapers. I told her she needed to go potty and get on her panties. She cried and insisted she was tired and wanted a new diaper. I caved. It was after all 6:25 (5:25 before daylight savings).
Not more than 15 minutes later she came down again with Cade. She had a huge smile on her face. "I'm dry!"Oh, she's a smart one. What would you do?I pulled out her slightly wet diaper out of the trash and showed her. Two diapers don't count. The first one has to be dry. Is it dry? Hopefully it will work tonight. Are you smarter than a 4 year old?

HA HA HAAAAAA! You've got me laughing so hard I'm about to pee my pants! I have absolutely no idea how she could have come up such a stunt! David was laughing along with me. It was so funny he called his mom to tell her the story. Kaylee you silly thing you!
Kaylee the clever gal. She found a CLEAN sock and made pooh all comfy. Cute shot.
At BYU I learned in my ElEd class that children are like cows. Yes, cows. Cows test the electric fence several times a day. They always get shocked. Sometimes there is that one time that the electricity is down. No shock so they break through. Kids are the same. They keep testing you to see if you really mean it.

Cade is my cow.
He likes to drop (sometimes throw) his drink off the top bunk and cry for it. I told him last night that if he did that, it meant that he didn't want it anymore and I wasn't going to give it back to him. John was the Prince Charming last night. I reminded him again today before naptime that if he dropped his drink, it meant he didn't want it anymore.
He smiled.

"I love you."

"I love you."
Silence. No crying. No dropping of the water bottle...wow that went well. I'm sure he is going to try it tonight, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next...yes...he's a cow

I pulled the tent out today (the one Kendall got for Christmas) and they all climbed in and tried rolling around the room in it. I explained to them that it could break the tent if they treated it that way.

Hmmm...how can I anchor it down? Ah hah. Books. I told them that the tent is a great place to read books. So they hauled 1 basket full of board books into the tent. The tent won't move now! They enjoyed their quiet time, me too.

Still no teeth for Conner. His diaper rash indicates it is close (or at least teasing us). His bum is a lot better today. I need to trim his nails again. He's scratching my elbow and his bum during diaper changes. give him an extra kiss for me! sweet boy.

The boys sat on the toy box today and looked out the window. "No snowmen." They were sad to see that the snow had melted.

It is cute how Cade calls snow snowmen.

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