Kaylee is baptized

This was back on September 8th...but better late than never. ;)

Kaylee is the sweetest, happiest, silliest girl.  I'm so lucky to have a child that is so loving and sweet.  She's tender to my feelings and how I am doing.  She prays for my back every day and wants to choose the right.  She loves to eat fruit, and would pass up ice cream or cake.  She packs her own lunch...carrots, apples, grapes, banana, orange...whatever is lying around.  She LOVES her stuffed animals, princesses, babies, petshops...anyting fun and girly.

She can't wait until she is 12 so she can get her ears pierced and start wearing my jewlery.  She loves rings and necklaces.  She's excited to start wearing 'heels' when she is 14...but trust me sweetie, they look much more comfy than they really are.

She's in 2nd grade and LOVES her teacher and loves school.  You go into the school room and everyone is drawn to her.  You walk through the school and the kids all seem to know her.  She's a bubbly sweet social butterfly.

She works hard and has such tender feelings.  I'm so blessed to have her in my life.  She helps me to stop and consider the great things in my life, and helps me to not focus on the daily tasks, but the joy in the every day moments.

love this girl.

Kaylee  (notice the stance...Grandma Price showed her to how beautifully place her feet)

Kaylee with Grandpa and Grandma Price

the kids and their 'other' mother

who doesn't love to kiss that face?

Kaylee and Dad.

me and Kaylee.  She got baptized in the SAME dress I did when I was baptized.

our family.

the buddy club.  Cade and Grandpa Price.

Kaylee with Grammie and Papa.  Kaylee with Gigi.

The whole Group.

Kaylee sang 'When I am Baptized'.  She has a beautiful crystal clear voice.  She sang it beautifully.  A few weeks later, Kaylee was asked to sing it to all the adults in church during a combined meeting.  She was a trooper and did so well. She's such a sweet loving girl with a beautiful voice.

love the details.

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