1514 East Hummingbird Way

After 7 wonderful years down here in Maricopa, we're moving to Gilbert.  We're really excited and nervous about what the future holds for us.  We will be building a house and will be done early August...the BEST time to move in Arizona!

Our cross streets are going to be Germann and Val Vista.  

a photo of the new Gilbert Temple currently under construction from the spec home just 5 properties of where our home will eventually sit.  

We'll be happy to be closer to David's work, which is moving buildings in a couple months, making his commute farther.  He will be much closer to work now.  I'll have my doctors and specialists closer to me, which will keep my weekly travel up to town not such a tax on our car, unhappy ride-alongs (aka: Conner) or gas budget every month.  I am excited to be closer to shopping areas, pools, and parks.  The Gilbert Temple will be only about a mile from our house which I'm really excited about.  We can actually see it from where the new master bedroom window will be.  We will be in a wonderful school district as well...since our current principal has been forced out...which doesn't sit well with me after the great turn-around that was experienced this past year.  I'm kinda done with those politics, so we're off to a better public school system.  We will be nice and close to family finally was well.  It has been hard to come up to town often to celebrate holidays or special occasions due to our location.

I have so many fond and wonderful memories of Maricopa...being in 3 different wards and a branch...making some of the best life long friends that I'm so fortunate to have.  Discovered I had more of a passion than a talent for photography...and this is where it was fostered and nurtured by wonderful friends that had faith in my work....  I'll continue coming down to Maricopa for photo shoots as well...shooting sports actions still for all the Maricopa sports leagues, and any other photo needs of my friends that still want family photos for any occasion.  It was here that some of my worst pain was endured...and overcome with help from the wonderful service of my many friends and family.

I'm going to miss you Maricopa.  In so many good ways...but I'll be back often to visit.

our new street name: Hummingbird.  my mom loves it. :)

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