new house

lot 53.  our new home site.
(the spec home where all the following photos were taken, is just 5 properties to the right (or east...as the camera is pointed north).

driving to the new Gilbert temple from our house.

as you enter the home. 
stairs on the left with a nook.  stairs are three level.

 i'm standing at the top of the overlook....having come up the three lengths of stairs.  you can see the nook area

 conner is right below the stairs...in a storage area/hallway that curves to the left and ends a few feet later.

kitchen...with pendant lighting.

dining area with sliding glass doors to the back yard

looking from the dining area to the living room.  nice and large.

looking from the dining area into the hallway where the pantry is the first door on the right, the 5th bedroom is the first door on the left and the 3rd bath is the next door on the right.  The garage is the door straight ahead.

pantry heaven!




to the 5th bedroom entry

5th bedroom

5th bedroom closet

3rd bath

3rd bath

3rd bath and 3rd linen closet

3rd bath tub

side view of kitchen

front view of island and pendant lighting

back view of kitchen island

 dining area light

under stairs storage

turning the corner to the under stairs storage

end of the under stairs storage

coat closet at front entry...to the right when you come into the house.

front door closed and coat closet on the left

three small windows on your way up the stairs

windows on your way up.

at the first landing up the stairs...looking up at the loft.

the view from the first landing on the stairs at the overlook and master bedroom on the left and hallway to the 3 other rooms on the right.

looking down the stairs from first landing to the front door.

loft. huge.

master bedroom. out the window you can see the new gilbert temple. (our house will be only 5 houses west of this house...same vantage point just about.

looking from the master bedroom window to the hallway on the right and the master bath on the left

Gilbert Temple view outside the bedroom!  just under 2 miles away!

entry to master bath (we will have a door on ours)

an extra bedroom....cough...I mean...our CLOSET!!!!

yeah...i said closet!

yup.  think of all the stuff I need to fill it with! ;)

master bath vanity.

toilet room.


cade at overlook.  going to the other rooms on the left.

  turning the corner.  laundry room is on the left....hall to the other bedrooms is on the right.

laundry room

nice and big...but not huge.

kids bathroom

 hallway to bedrooms

bedroom 3

 bedroom 3 walk in closet

bedroom 2

bedroom 2 closet

linen closet 1 outside bedrooms

bedroom 1

bedroom 1 closet and outside you see the linen closet 1

looking outside the master bedroom window

attic door

 back yard

west side of house

east side of house with gate

garage service door (we will be getting this)

 our street.

1514 East Hummingbird Way
Gilber, AZ 85297


garage.  in front of you is the entry to the house, to the right is the garage service door to the outside where the trash bins would be located.

the house from the outside...we are not getting this style of elevation....our colors have dark teal shutters, dark chocolate brown pop outs, and cool beige main color.

the garage on the right...you need to turn to get into it...will be quite an experience figuring out how to park our cars!

these are the model home photos that I took...I'll be pointing out what I like...some or most of these things are not going to be in our house, but i like the style of some of these things.


square sink at kitchen....stainless steel.  looking to get this in the house...i think.

these cabinets are actually darker in person.

backsplash looked neat....but not getting it.

square sinks...planning to get these in all baths...but not the faucet$$$.

i liked the black accents.  want to incorporate black and grey into kaylee's yellow bedroom

 like this wood laminent flooring.  we're planning on doing this instead of tile.  finally!  I need to find some flooring that looks good with the cabinets I'd like to get.

kaylee hearts this room.

love the grey i this house

love this kitchen...dark cabinets with white counters.  i'd do round hardware...the long skinny hardware is too modern.

dual flush toilets....as mom would say: if you go wee wee, press the small button, if you go woo woo, press the big button. :)

like the colors.

love the wall color

dark blue with white trim.

pretty...and pretty expensive.

cute stripes.

love the setup in the loft....

kitchen pendant lighting.

like the headboard...want to make something tall...out of old distressed wood 

cool tile with linen print

blueish grey

the following photos were taken at a different build location...these houses were over 4,000 square feet...and mucho expensive...fun to walk through and loved the master bathroom...as I think you will too!

walk-in, sit down and take a load off shower.

the best bathroom ever!


Monica said...

How fun! Lots of room for me to come visit you! And I love that it's so close to the temple. Wow!! So excited for your family.

Shannon said...

Sheesh! You weren't supposed to find this! I tucked it away so no one would find it! sneaky Mon! I posted this for Kelly and my mom to see...still haven't told the rest of the family yet....

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