1 down....19 to go.

Kaylee lost her first tooth today.

the adult tooth is pretty crooked...it's been poking it's way up for a month or two now....it's crooked by about 45%.  braces are in her future I'm thinking.

She showed me how much more lose it was after school.  I asked her if I could try pulling it....she didn't want to at first....but then wanted to try.

After about 30 seconds....and some screaming and crying some alligator tears...the tooth came out.  She's very happy now.  

Losing the first tooth is somewhat traumatic....especially if your mom wants to pull it!  Now she'll be a bit more relaxed when her next tooth is ready to be pulled, but not very relaxed.  

I remember when my dad would pull my teeth.  I'd always get really nervous.  He would take my tooth, bend it forward, then twist it like a screw.  It was always quick, and pretty painless...but still...crazy stressful for a little kid.

here's a picture of when my dad pulled one of my teeth.  he got one of his dandy tools to take the photo with me...but he really didn't use it to pull the little sucker.

when I got married my dad gave me all my baby teeth in a bag.  they kept them all.  taped them up in tape with a date of when I lost that particular tooth.  crazy.


kelly anderson said...

hey, i got a envelope of teeth too!

i think you should get some small ziplock bags (jewelry size from michaels or jo-anns) and put some sticker labels on the bags with the dates.. so you can see them.

Shannon said...

i did. i put the tooth in a small jewelery bag and put that bag in a ziplock sandwich bag with her name and date on it.

she took it to school today to show her teacher.

she came home without it.

she lost it during lunch.

big alligator size tears. calls dad and he says she needs to draw a picture of the tooth and put it in our tooth fairy pillow. she keeps saying 'I think the tooth fairy will forgive me.'

sad to have really 'lost' her very first tooth.

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