soccer pros

Kaylee and Cade have been enjoying soccer through the city of Maricopa.  Their team is BRIGHT NEON GREEN, and we're called the Tornadoes.

We've had fun going to practices and cheering them on in their games. 

Here is Bella, a friend on their team, and a fast runner...and great player.  She's my friend Tami and Jakes girl.  As sweet as she looks.  Jake has taught me all I know about photography, and I'm his photography slave assistant.  Tami and Jake are are great friends.

Tami and Jakes little girl, Scarlett.  She likes to come and sit on my lap.  I guess I look friendly! :)
She's a sweet little one.

Kaylee...sometimes the daisy picker, but she really enjoys the action.  Their first game she scored a goal...although in the wrong net, but hey...she's new at this, folks.

She tends to kick the ball when it comes to her, and is usually unaware of which way we're going.  

left to right...Isaiah, Cade, Kaylee and Austin...not sure why we have so many Tornadoes in one place... I'd call this an F4 Tornader.

Cade the sport.  I loved watching him run after the ball.  He would look at me and smile while running towards the ball.  He's a great dribbler and runs the ball to the goal pretty well.

nothing gets Cade running faster than a Ball.....or yummy treats.

Cade the sport.  What fun we had.


april_b said...

Love the soccer shots. By the way, the boy next to Cade is Isaac, not Isaiah! I guess Jake does have you working too hard taking pics. You don't even know the names of the kids on the team!!

kelly anderson said...

uncle mikey would be so proud.

Cassandra Romney said...

Im really shocked how well the glasses stay on their face! NOW THATS TALENT! YAH Soccor MOM!

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