proof, truth.

now, I don't post much on politics since I'm not much of a debater, but what I feel, I feel deeply.  It's hard for me to express what I feel in words.  I'm a silent.  But very loyal.  Patriot.  I owe a lot of my patriotism to my Dad having flown with the Air Force in the KC-135 during Vietnam, and deployed out to serve away from us (wife and 7 kids) during the first Gulf War.  His dad, my grandpa served in the Air Force as well, got shot down in WWII and received the purple heart.  While he was in the hospital getting treated for his wounds (shrapnel still inside his body today), his unit was once again sent out on a mission.  They never came back.  He's experienced some difficult emotions and depression knowing that his buddies were gone, and he wasn't there to help.  It's only been recently that he's begun talking about it.)  I have a brother-in-law, brother and sister who were/are in the army/air force and have served overseas multiple times and thankfully have returned safely each time.  I feel a bit of their service has rubbed into my feeling more of what I'm needed to be: a more dedicated voter, proud NRA member and holder of a CCW for Arizona,  supporter of what I feel and know is the right decision and will matter-of-fact let you know I don't agree with something that I feel goes against my standards and beliefs, and know with these changing times (and my frustrations grow), my uber-conservative nature won't deviate much at all. 

Now, I get tons of emails from my dad ranging from all different sectors of society today: the economic crisis here, food shortages, gas prices, housing markets...he knew of and predicted before we were even aware of any 'bubble', political updates and happenings as well as economic climates far away...by the way, do you know the country who has the most Millionaires...actually, now Billionaires?....it sure caught me by surprise!  (They have one of the highest, if not the highest, inflation rates in the world. Their economy is suffering from hyperinflation...or should I say 'zimflation'...hint hint. When you trade their currency to, say for example US Dollar, the currency trading is: 1 US$ ~ 1 Billion Dollars of their currency...and this info is over a year old).  I was visited by a friend who was from this country, and she gave me a 'million dollar bill' from that country.  I proudly gave it to my dad, who had informed me of this craziness over a year before, and now he displays it in his office...proudly, and sadly.  Not a good thing. 

Now, I'm not what most people would call a 'birther', if you know what that means at all, but I'm still down with following the law and giving the public the answer and proof they're looking for.  And come on...it's pathetic!  All I want is the truth.  And you must follow the law if I'm expected to do the same.  David says it's not something he'd be passionate about, but I feel myself getting into my dad's old man demands...give me proof.  Don't make me wait.  I have a right to know and see for myself.

My dad just sent me this cartoon, which isn't even funny, more demented than anything.  But explains a lot of what I feel needs to be brought forth.  No wonder why "Pres O" isn't touching this subject. 

Keith Olberman on MSNBC compared the new Arizona Law to "death panels"  Hu?  It sounds so much like when the Republican's called the New Health Care Plan the save exact 'noun'...and I wouldn't say it's a proper noun.  Not a proper thing at all.

Yes.  This was deep for me.  And I'm not sorry.  Sometimes I just need to say what I've been thinking.  for a LONG while.

now I wouldn't feel so embarrassed if you did my laundry and folded my underwear!  I feel we know each other on a more intimate level!

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