us at flag

I posted a while ago about our trip to Flagstaff to see our friends, but never posted any photos of the kiddos.

Kaylee was enjoying making her own 'snow castle'.

we also had a snowball maker...which is on the list to get family this christmas!  that thing was A MAZ ING and so fun!  I could make 5 PERFECT snowballs in 5 seconds, no lie!

Cade really loved riding the kiddie quad.  He also loved being with his friends and asks about Mia quite often.  "can we go to Mia's house?" 

there was snow piled EVERYWHERE!  One house down the road had drifts and snow on it's roof, so ridiculous and amazing.  Haven't seen snow that deep...in...who knows how long.

Apparently Flagstaff has received the most snow this year than any other US city.  wow.

I took the kids on a sled and pulled them through the evergreens in the back yard out to a big field...carrying all 100 pounds of kid weight and every once in a while breaking through the snow to above my knee was enough to tire me out in about 10 minutes.  that was, unfortunately, the shortest sledding trip i've made.  poor kids, you have a whimpy mom.

better luck next time. :)

holy cow, that's a lotta lettuce!

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