having fun.

if anyone knows Cade, they know he loves motorcycles....aka....mikadoo's....  When I saw this sign, I thought of my sweet Cade.  Love you buddy.  I hope you're behavin' yourself!

here is what my current schedule is like:

i get to sleep in. work on edits all day (2 jobs done, 1 big monster to go).  go out with David after he gets back from work...to explore and enjoy!  I have yet to venture out on my own...just been working hard on these jobs!

tomorrow, off to Millennium Park.

it's been fun walking...a few miles a day.  eating some yum grub.  and BURRRRR, it's windy ccc ccccc ccold!  warm 'zona will make you forget your mid-western roots!

whenever I stop to take a pic, David blurts out "squirrel!".  He's gotten used to it...at least the fact that we'll be taking a little longer to get where we're goin!  We'll be walking and talking, and suddenly I'm no longer next to him...I'm like 10 yards behind with a little something in my viewfinder.  sorry babe. :)

more to come.

taken a few hundred pics already...and having mucho fun!

on our palate in the past few days: 

yes. be jealous.


kelly anderson said...

oberweis on the menu?

Tiffany said...

I am very jealous!!!! I miss Chicago, it's a fun city. Have you been to Navy Pier? And can you please bring me some cheese fries and a hot dog from Portillos and a pizza from Lou Malnatis???? Please Please Please? Just kidding have a ball!!!! I wish I was there.

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