lake walk

While up in Utah for the wedding, we went to Utah Lake and a blast of a time 'walking on water'.  We had tons of winter fun!  The kids couldn't get enough of it.  For your enjoyment....a true Family Christmas Photo.  This is just minutes from my parents house.

David had so much fun on the ice...he was sad we had to leave.  it was cold for the kids, but David was in heaven!  Here he is skidding on the ice while we watch.

conner getting his 'sea legs'

thanks Kelly for take the pics!


Robyn said...

Very cool pictures! Loved the sledding ones too.

Dick said...

Wow these are gorgeous Bow.

That was really wonderful surreal experience being out there on the ice like that.

Brooke said...

I love the family shots.

I need copies of the sledding pics too.

We miss you.

Sam is pointing to Conner right now and smiling. He misses his little buddy.

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