updates and vent

things have been busy.  but much busier lately.

the kids have just added to it.


conner had a sad mishap on Sunday. he got his finger shut in a door.  now the nail is all white and the finger is red and infected.  looks like the nail might fall off....gag.  he's also dealing with thrush AGAIN!!!!!  aah!  The doctor thought it was a condition at first, that was called geographic tongue....a chronic and somewhat painful condition...but I wasn't too sure about that diagnosis, since we've had the thrush problem in the past and for so long.  I'm hoping thrush is the right answer (I've been slowly getting to trust my instincts more).  at least this can be relieved and healed


but hey, it looks like he's still enjoying life!...just not to the full extent yet!

soon though.  very soon!   (hopefully)


we're still waiting on the new lenses to come in, and be put in the CORRECT way!  I still can't believe they screwed up the last pair...and we had her wear them for 6 MONTHS!

I only hope they don't ask for the 100 dollars for the replacement lenses...


you want me to pay for a job done wrong?

sorry, but these are going to be on you this time! thanks.

the doctor says that her eyes will not have suffered any major setbacks due to having one lens too strong for an eye and one lens too weak for the other.  doesn't seem logical to me.  time will tell.

kaylee and kelly (kaylee's other mommy)


he failed his hearing test twice at school.

took him into the ENT today.

he has fluid in both ears.  causing hearing loss.

we're giving him some steroids to bulk him up....i mean help the fluid drain.

in a couple months we have a follow-up appointment.  if there is still fluid in his ears....

ear tubes.


(I'll ask him a question or say something to him.  and without fail..."hu?" replies Cade.)

he's also been stuttering lately.  not sure why.

and through all this, he still doesn't qualify for speech therapy.  and i know he does...and so does his teacher.

my poor caders.  can't hear too good.  can't talk too good.

but, he's a good kid.  and i love him to pieces!  every clumsy moment!

who couldn't love this face?

it's just frustrating when you know how to help your kids, and you're unable to be the one to help them.

we're depending on everyone else.


i must learn.


been a long day.  and emotional day.

alright.  done venting all that cold air.  now on to some warm vent air.

  gotta go snuggle the honey.



ckm said...

Oh man.

Poor baby Conner. Owie finger. I remember him dealing with the Thrush rash on his bum while here.

You should NOT have to pay for the new lenses. If you hear otherwise, let me know and I will make the original Walmart here fix it or pay for it. It was their fault! Plus you have the insurance on the glasses as well!

Cade. Poor buddy. Stuttering will go away. Be patient. Don't point it out. Jenna stuttered. It would come and go. It would appear after a "stressful" experience in her eyes. She is fine now! Jaley started to stutter because that is how Jenna talked and they were together 24x7. It never stuck with her.

All will be fine. Yes, patience. Just hang in there!

Sara said...

I'm sorry, Shannon! When it rains, it pours. :( Kaleb stutters on and off, too...it normally is when he's overly excited or emotional about something.

Baldwin Family said...

We seem to come into life's little adventures like that too: all at once. Good luck with your kiddos. They are so blessed to have you to love them! Everything will turn out fine.

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