turns out Kaylee has failed her vision test at school.  so I take her to the eye doctor yesterday to see what we need to do to get her seeing better again.  it was probably that her glasses weren't strong enough for her.

we get in and the nurse gives her a vision test....poor thing did horribly on her left eye.  she takes the glasses from Kaylee to look at the glasses.

a few minutes pass

the doctor comes in.

i'm expecting a new prescription...and some nice new expensive lenses to buy.


her lenses are put in BACKWARDS!  the left lens was in the right side, and the right lens was put in the left side!  I'm not sure who is to blame yet, walmart or the original doctor who wrote out the script...but my guess is walmart.

nice.  real nice.  a real treat.

so now Kaylee has been wearing glasses that are too strong for her right eye and too weak for her left eye....for about 6 months.  the doctor said that she wouldn't have known to tell me.  she's been putting up with it.


and i don't have any time to go and take her to walmart to get it fixed until tomorrow.

grrr more.

my poor blind girl.

just a side note....Cade has also failed his vision AND hearing test at school.  updates to come.  fun fun.


Brooke said...

It's all Corin's fault. :)

Actually I am sorry. No fun. You will figure it out with her and be an expert on the others.

ckm said...


Let me know what I can do on my end. Is there original Dr orders you have or some kind of proof I can go and talk to the eyeglass place in our Wal-mart?

Jen Gillespie said...

Oh, poor little girl. I bet that was so frustrating. How sad.

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