yesterday I had to discipline Kaylee for....can't remember what for....but she was in trouble, that much I do remember! She pouted for a while and was quite unhappy with me. She was sitting at the table while we were getting ready for dinner, looked up at me and said, "I don't like you mommy."
"What?" I asked.
Kaylee responds, "I said, I don't like you...."
a short pause.
"But I love you."
made me smile.


Kelly Anderson said...

just tell her that she will visit mommy kelly's very very soon..."i go to kelly house?" yeah!

ckm said...

Awe ... those moments. When you give them a moment to really think about what they are saying (and take it back and make it better!).

theriddle said...

very cute!

Kristine M. Kirk said...

that's so sweet!

Graves Family said...

that is so cute, and I have some questions on how you made those collages.

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