march 3

Cade and Kendall attempted "big boy underwear" today. Cade called his Mom to tell her all about it. Kendall carried his extra Thomas underwear around with him EVERYWHERE --- outside on the playset, lunch, nap, etc. Kendall did poopies and bubbles in the potty! He had his first accident during dinner while I was gone to take pictures of the AIDA rehearsal. Cade did well. He had a couple of accidents in the morning and then I put a diaper on him for his nap.

Conner is attempting to sit up from his tummy; don't worry I'm trying to knock him down. You go right on and keep knocking him down! I can't believe I'm missing all of this!

Kendall and Kaylee had a ball playing while Cade was going down for a nap. Kendall was outside with an apple in one hand and underwear in the other following Kaylee around like a little puppy. Kaylee had an apple too. (I'm all out of apples now...and after only 4 days!) Kaylee will eat the whole apple...all but the stem and most of the seedy part.

Cade, Kendall and Kaylee played house this morning in their room. I made a tent for them out of the bunk bed. It was fun to listen to them interact while I took care of a boat load of laundry that has had my name on it since Monday. I swear, I do laundry every day and I just can't keep up! Something always happens that creates more laundry - this morning the bottle top wasn't on very tight and all 4 ounces spilled all over me and my sheets - missed Conner completely. I wanted to try out my new flavor of fabric softner anyway (I was out of softner thanks to a laundry helper of mine ;o) so decided to try a new flavor).

Conner and I headed out to the Aida practice (I am to take pictures). What can I say, Conner is a babe magnet. He had people swarming around him. Julia and her friends will take him when they have a moment. One time Madeline came running in to tell me that Conner was crawling! I ran out with her to grab some photos (his normal scoot...just getting better).

He even did a push up to impress the girls! He has become the mascot (Kendall is too, but hasn't been around the cast for some time now). Drop and give me 50! Look at those cute legs!

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