jammin time

In May I decided it'd be a great time to make strawberry freezer jam. I had David specifically go to Walmart to get Certo and sugar for my project. That week strawberries were 99 cents at Fry's. The next day they were 2 lbs for 5 dollars....I wasn't about to pay that much for strawberries. I waited a few more weeks and since June ended, I knew it was the end of the great strawberry season for the year...so I was content with just keeping the stuff until next year and get the berries when they were on sale.

On Monday I saw the advertisement for strawberries at the local store 'Bashas' and they were offering 2 lbs for 1.99....it was as if strawberry season was on again! Today I was able to venture out and got 14 lbs of strawberries. 10 of those pounds were my jam babies! I can't believe that I did all that today....shopping went about 2 hours with my ever so slow walk. It felt like it was one long contraction. I'm getting super slow. It took as long to make the jam as it did to just get groceries.

unodos tres

Growing up we would go to Sergeant's Berry Farm and spend hours picking strawberries. We'd be driven to different places of the fields by tractor and later be picked up when we were ready. We'd weigh the berries and pay. Thank goodness they didn't weigh us before and after....we would have had to dish out tons more money. We loved to eat while we picked the berries!

At home it was a huge assembly line. I remember spending so much time taking the stems off. Then we would help stir the sugar and berries together. My brother Richard would scare me into stirring the mixture the whole time saying "If you don't keep stirring, It'll blow up." That made me a great jam maker! I didn't want to blow up!I figured out a new way to take the stems off the strawberries...using the serrated end of a melon ball-er.that keeps the amount of waste to the strawberries at a minimumKaylee the swiper!Wallah! Yum-mo!


Tammy said...

homemade jam sounds great! You can send some my way anytime!

Julianne said...

Looks yummy, I think I'll make some for Richard (he loves this stuff).

Sara said...

YuM-o! I had to copy you and make some this weekend, too!

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