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So, those of you who live down here in Maricopa and can think back to December '05 in the 1st ward you'll remember a RS Service Auction that was held for Enrichment. I had auctioned off a job of ironing as well as a batch of homemade eclairs...both of which have yet to be claimed!

While I was taking a look at all the different services be auctioned I noticed one that was a winner with me. It was a free photography sitting and a high quality CD of the pictures taken from the none other than our own Cindy Price. Being new to the ward, I had no idea who she was or what her photography was like. I took a chance and put all my money towards that one service auction. Sure enough, I got it!

Later on, Cindy approached me and told me that she'll be ready to take photos when I'm ready. I was about 8 months pregnant at the time, so I told her once I have the baby and loose the baby weight, that we'll plan on doing that. Well, time went on and Cindy kept asking if I knew when I would like to redeem the coupon. I kept telling her that either I'd take them now (with the baby weight still on, but pass it off as 'the beginning of another pregnancy' **tee hee hee*) or postpone it for a little while later. She was so patient with me!

Turns out I decided not only to take photos when I'm 8 months pregnant again, but also in 115 degree weather....two things I didn't think would work very well. Call me crazy, David did! I had reasons though, Kelly was coming to town and I thought now is better than never. It's been over 7 years since we've had professional twin shots taken.

Cindy and I decided on a date and Kelly brought all her fun cute shoes and clothes and jewelry....we picked out cute outfits for the kids and the adults to wear. We were super excited. We wanted an old urban style shoot. Cindy knew right where to go! (we didn't get to go to two of the places though, but next time for sure!)

Cindy did such a great job. I'm over-impressed with her work! Anyone who can make a chubby pregnant woman feel beautiful deserves to be recognized! She was so great with leading us, and listened to all our ideas before and during the shoot. We'll be going back to her for sure! I believe there's nothing better than family pictures that show the family in character...how they really are. It's priceless!

Click here and here to view Cindy's posts with our family and some candids with my sister Kelly. Enjoy...and be very jealous!
thank you Cindy! Thank you, thank you thank you!

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Tammy said...

I love the photos of your family they are so cute! She is a great photographer.

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