4 on the 1st

Kaylee had a blast at her birthday party last night. We had some friends come over and have some ice cream cake. YUMMMMM! Kaylee got some cute clothes and a few toys from family and friends. She had a great time playing with her best friends.
I made this 9x9 cake for the adults. cupcake ice cream cakes for the kids...Cade at 1 1/2...he could have probably gone for more!
playing before the big shindig
balloon fight at the party....look at Cade's expression! Priceless!I'm 4Candy Land! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
the three friends...Eden, Logan and Kaylee. We'll be saying goodbye to yet another friend in a month...Eden will be moving away. We love eden!
Who needs to get the cake cut into pieces when you can just jab your fork into the cake and eat it whole! Eden enjoying the cake.
3 of the famous 4...soon to be the 2.....sniff sniff. We love Emilie too!

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Tammy said...

Yeah I love birthdays! Broc and Kaylee are both July babies, I had forgotten that!

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