our first swim of 2008

We went swimming with our friends today...Logan and Janae. I got to chat with Sheena while they had fun and dip into the friggin COLD pool water. After swimming we decided to go to the splash pad and rest while the kids had fun in the water and playground.
Janae, Logan, Kaylee and CadeI got this shot with Sheena's awesome 18x optical camera. I'm so jealous!Cade was a bit shy to go into the spraying water. He mostly stayed next to the action.Kaylee loved to run back and forth between the water sprays. This is the closest I could get with my camera where I was sitting.Cade of course couldn't last long enough not to want to eat something during our swim trip.Kaylee, once again, in action.Cade loved climbing all over the playground. The sand got hot enough for him to start running towards me at the end screaming. Poor little guy. It isn't even the real hot part of summer yet. After swimming....ready for the splash pad. We're going to have so much fun when Aunt Kelly comes to visit us! Yippee!


smilingsarahbear said...

Hi Shannon! You probably don't recognize me. I'm Sarah and I'm in your ward. I haven't had the chance to get to know you but I thought I'd say hi and that you have the cutest little family- I'm always admiring how your little girl's hair is always so adorable at church. And you have the cutest pregnant tummy. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hopefully we'll get to know each other better. This splash pad looks like so much fun- my daughter would love something like that. Is it close by?

Kaylee said...

I love the feet picture!!

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