bathtime with auntie kelly

Auntie Kelly is here for a whole WEEK! We're so excited. She's been happily snapping pictures. Last night was bath night....always a favorite time to pose.
This is Kaylee's cubby squeeze.Kaylee looks so serious...almost model like!I think Kaylee looks just like her cousin Katilynn here. She was pulling pose after pose. Almost no time to snap them all!This shot took a while to get for her...she didn't quite get the feet thing.She's so posey!a pose for the group "KISS".
Kaylee and Cade enjoying all the attention.
They were asking for the cold water again....on purpose. Once we had begun squirting it on each other, Cade decided Kaylee wanted it more.
He sure loves seeing Kaylee suffer that COLD water!
I love this shot of them. Cute bright colors and smiles!
Two tub buddies. After getting all dressed for bed, Cade got our potatoe gun and began posing. You can't see it in this photo, but he has his legs spread wide apart.

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Tammy said...

such cute pics!

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