it's ladies night

Emile, Amanda (aka Brooke White) and I went out and reaked havoc on the town last night. Amanda...I mean Brooke....will be moving to Washington state in a few weeks so we needed a bit of a party night before our wonderful friend leaves us. We went to the mall and had fun trying on things and 'attempting' to embarass each other. I came away with a pretty green dress from Motherhood and Amanda got a few nice scarfs...so european!....and a few other things. Emilie was a good window shopper. We then went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner....kinda our tradition. We were down by a gal pal. Sheena was out celebrating her 22nd birthday....Happy Birthday today Sheena.
Amanda....we're going to miss you so much....but not as much as you'll miss us!
we heart you
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Dick and Fran Price said...

I read a small blurb about a wild party at a Cheesecake Factory in Arizona. The Chicago Tribune reporter got the scoop from a Chicago cop at a Dunkin Donuts. Does that sound like your group? You're famous here in Chicago.

Your friend Amanda really looks like Brooke White. We'll be watching American Idol tonight.

Breehan said...

Hi, this is Breehan, cute picture. Looks like you guys had fun. I just did more on my blog and I am glad we found each other. Now I have a load of questions: When did you move to Arizona? What does your husband do? Did you get your degree in Accounting? Are you living in Chandler, because my husbands aunt and uncle live there? Looks like you guys have lots of fun. Dave and I talked about maybe moving there, but I don't think he would commit to it. You have the most adorable kids. Well I will stop going on and on, but it is so nice to see you again even if it's only through the computer. Have a great day!!!

Sheena said...

Can we copy and paste me in the picture, maybe? Think about it! It won't make me feel so left out...love ya all!!

Shannon said...

just send me a cheesy pic of yourself in some silly glasses and we'll work it out

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